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Midnight Pulp

In association with
The Mockingbird Cinema

Midnight Pulp is a curious, after-dark journey into some of the most curious diversions from diverse directors and themes. The season will champion the VHS experience of B - movie curious, bizarre journeys into sci-fi and fantastical roads to nightmares and dreamscapes. The season will also champion black, Asian and minority groups viewpoints in hidden titles, lost film experiences and rare showcases. 

Midnight Pulp will also re-introduce younger audiences to the “VHS Experience” and double features midnight movies. Audience members at select screenings will be able to select titles or versions to screen in our ‘mock-up’ video store prior to

screenings. With forgotten classics screened in glorious VHS, Betamax and 16mm and digital, screenings will be enhanced. This will also include Q & A’s and rare behind the scenes discussions. Many screenings will champion the immersive experience of interactive cinema.

This is a major season supported by the BFI and Film Hub Midlands that aims to supercharge Midland film venues and audiences’ engagement post covid. In June 2022, audiences will be invited to take a trip to the darker side of town this summer, get curious and explore Midnight Pulp.


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